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  1. Louisa (verified owner)

    This is my third Tarocco Studio deck. I have both editions of the Revival Art Tarot. Sacred Legacy follows the same aesthetic by using fine art paintings in the RWS style. Buttery soft cardstock like its predecessors. Sturdy two-piece cardboard packaging. I’m glad the creator(s) listened to customer feedback by including the names of the paintings and using bigger font for the LWB. I really like the paintings chosen for this deck as well. It’s truly amazing how crisp and clear the images are considering that these are taken from real paintings that over a hundred years old. I’m so happy I got this deck at such an amazing price.

    Sacred Legacy TarotSacred Legacy Tarot

  2. Muratha (verified owner)

  3. Muratha (verified owner)

    Love this deck

    Birth of Freedom TarotBirth of Freedom Tarot

  4. Muratha (verified owner)

  5. Lily (verified owner)

    Tarocco Studio decks never fail to please 🙏🏼

    Birth of Freedom TarotBirth of Freedom Tarot