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  1. Brandon Mountain (verified owner)

  2. Sabrina guilbert (verified owner)

  3. Anastasia S. (verified owner)

    I like the size of the cards (mini), well the colors and the art make me feel like I create fairytale story. I like to work with them very much!!

    Forest creatures Tarot (mini)Forest creatures Tarot (mini)

  4. Anastasia S. (verified owner)

    Because I am new to the runes I was looking for something easy to understand but informative. And I am very glad to have these cards

    Dark Angels Runes Oracle CardsDark Angels Runes Oracle Cards

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The deck is very beautiful and its quality is excellent. I like it very much!

    Revival Art TarotRevival Art Tarot

  6. Katerina (verified owner)

    These cards exceeded my expectations. The art is beautiful and the cardstock is fantastic. Thank you very much for creating this deck.

    Victorian TarotVictorian Tarot

  7. Chiara C. (verified owner)

    Stunning, powerful deck. Thank you!

    Victorian TarotVictorian Tarot

  8. Kordula H. (verified owner)

    Sehr schönes Deck, wunderbar illustriert und sehr gute Qualität der Karten.

    Revival Art LenormandRevival Art Lenormand

  9. Kordula H. (verified owner)

    Wunderschöne Karten, sehr gute Qualität und größer als ich vermutet habe. 100%ige Kaufempfehlung 👍

    Forest creatures Tarot (mini)Forest creatures Tarot (mini)

  10. Valérie G. (verified owner)

    This deck is very beautiful

    Revival Art Tarot Second editionRevival Art Tarot Second edition

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