Customer Reviews

  1. Elena F. (verified owner)

    This deck is simply stunning: beautiful images and good quality cardboard. The only thing is that the card case is a bit weak and tends to break.

    Forest Creatures Tarot (standart)Forest Creatures Tarot (standart)

  2. Adriano V. (verified owner)

    Great deck, very beautifull images and a great energy.

    Forest Creatures Tarot 2Forest Creatures Tarot 2

  3. Paula G. (verified owner)

    Favorite tarot deck! I can’t say enough about the beauty and quality of this deck. I wish I had gotten two–I’m almost hesitant to use it in case it wears out (not that it isn’t sturdy–it is GREAT!)

    Les Métamorphoses du jour TarotLes Métamorphoses du jour Tarot

  4. Julia Wiseman (verified owner)

    Stunning deck with fantastic card stock

    Victorian TarotVictorian Tarot

  5. Julia Wiseman (verified owner)

    Stunning deck and beautiful card stock

    Revival Art TarotRevival Art Tarot

  6. Elisabeth S. (verified owner)

    I own the first edition of this deck as well, both are beautiful, but I live this one more since I can now read the little book and it gives the artwork names as well. Beautiful art and card stock, one of my favorite decks!

    Revival Art Tarot Second editionRevival Art Tarot Second edition

  7. Elisabeth S. (verified owner)

    Beautiful cards, lovely images, great cardstock

    Victorian TarotVictorian Tarot

  8. Jodie N. (verified owner)

    Gorgeous deck. Quality cardstock. This instantly became a top favorite. Definitely love at first sight. It’s faithful to the RWS system while still remaining fresh. Beautiful!

    Victorian TarotVictorian Tarot

  9. Nell D. (verified owner)

    This is a beautiful tarot deck which is easy to read because the illustrations are perfect at depicting the meanings of the cards. I love the cardstock, it riffle shuffles really well and feels lovely in the hand. I have been using this deck regularly and it always gives a great reading for myself and others.
    I totally recommend this deck to everyone and I’m grateful to be able to have it in my tarot collection.

    Victorian TarotVictorian Tarot

  10. Paola Emanuela N. (verified owner)

    Awesome Tarot Deck, needful!🤩😍🃏

    Cent Proverbes TarotCent Proverbes Tarot

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